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How It All Began

Asadero started as a food stand in Kent in 2014 and was forced to close down after the venue was housed in closed abruptly. But Asadero’s popularity would not let it die. Chef/Owner David Orozco soon found a brick and mortar space in Kent, Washington which continues to grow in popularity enticing customers far and wide. People are raving about the steaks served at Asadero as well as the now-famous Carne Asada in both locations.

Orozco is a self-taught chef with Asadero Kent and Ballard being his first two restaurants. Born outside of Los Angeles and raised in Mexico – he’s on a mission to introduce the unique smoky and savory flavors of Mexican ‘Norte’ cuisine to the American palate. Asadero is a family-run and owned business with Orozco’s father managing the Kent location while his mother makes all the salsas molcajete-style for both restaurants.

The Orozco family takes great pride in bringing high-quality Mexican cuisine to diners using only the best ingredients. Join us for dinner and see what you’ve been missing about Mexico.