Our Humble Beginnings

"Asadero Sinaloa went from a street stand to opening two locations in two years. Amazing"

~ Eater Magazine

How it all started

Started as a food stand in Kent in 2014 and was forced to close down after the venue it lived in closed up, Asadero’s popularity would not let it die. David Orozco soon found a brick and mortar store in Kent, Wa, and he’s been off to the races ever since. People are raving about his Carne Asada.

Finding that a fair amount of his customers were coming from Seattle and farther north, David started looking around Seattle where he found his 2nd location in Ballard.

“This is something Ballard doesn't have," co-owner David Orozco says. "In Mexico, asaderos do parrilladas —€” mixed grill, in English —€” and steaks. It's the Mexican version of a steakhouse, with handmade flour tortillas, fire-roasted and stone ground salsas, with the star being Sonoran beef. It's famous as the best beef in Mexico.


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